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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Hellloooo Wembley!

Hellllooooo Out There!! I'm Back. Welcome to the new, fresh, exciting, relaunch of StumblingMummy.  Hurray!! Huzzah!! Whoo hoo!! Whoop Whoop!! (thank you, thank you, you're too kind).

Ok. I've just changed the template design and some piccies.

BUT I've decided to start blogging again. Things feel a bit different; I've changed (well I've lost just over a stone), I'm no longer new to my village, my kiddiwicks are older (obvs), I've made fantastic new friends, joined the PTA, moved (mentally) away from some not so good friends, I've just taken part in my first 5K with army obstacles type run, joined twitter (I was opposed to it before, don't ask) and have some great things to look forward to.

However, I'm still very much stumbling and in a moment of realisation this morning thought perhaps this is what I need. A place to outpour my happiness and frustration, inspiration and questions. I'm also on instagram and have taken some quite arty shots of squirrels so I can show them off here too.

To get me going I thought I'd write a quick fire list of aims for the coming year in order to inspire me to post as much as possible:

1. Write the children's book I keep starting and send it to someone, somewhere to have a peek
2. Win the fight on limescale in my kitchen (its a hard water area)
3. Continue my ignoring approach of my 5 year olds' sudden vocal skills equal to a surly teenager (every other tactic has just resulted in my demise)
4. Be kinder to Husband and not resent his every moment away from the home
5. Build up my followers
6. Watch TV less (though obvious exceptions to the rule are XFactor, Easties, anything with Nigella and Kirsty, anything to do with real life A&E/Midwifery and Celebrity Jungle/Big Brother when they return)
7. Link up my blog with twitter
8. Be more patient (this is just one to make the number of aims even, I don't like odd numbers)

There, that'll get things rolling - see you soon! x


  1. I love your list! Think I might do one, could do with a bit of structure! Good luck and looking forward to reading your blog x

  2. Hi just popped over to say hello, I've also joined Brit mums newbies to blogging, making a list is a brilliant idea, xx

  3. welcome back to blogging! Love your list and I hope you get to tick off the things on it! I have just popped over after seing you post on britums to say hi!