All about Moi

Saturday, 1 January 2011

All about Moi

Welcome to StumblingMummy
Husband and I pre babies

I'm a lady who forgets her age (honestly Husband has to remind me) and is an ex Events Director and now Mummy to a Gorgeous Girl and Fantastic Boy (5 and 3).  I'm stumbling a bit through parenthood, doing ok some days but gathering advice and inspiration from everywhere I can, (mainly friends and Pinterest).  I juggle life with a happy (most of the time), hardworking (too much), handsome husband. Oh and 1 cat who sheds enough fur to clothe us through winter and tries to communicate like a human.  I fear he's on his last legs - no that's not me hoping.

(I don't always have a drink in my hand)

I might ramble a bit (not in the walking sense - no thank you very much) and very likely moan about being bored, gossip about celebs, take life all a bit too seriously, go on a bit (ahem), but hopefully share a laugh too.

Please feel free to comment on anything, I love to chat.  Or if you are simply wasting some time, waiting for the kettle to boil and just having a peek, thankyou for coming.....

Nice to meet you.


  1. Nice to meet you too :) It's great that you did an intro post. i really should have thought about that.

    Liking your blog so far, will be reading more :D

    Hannah x

  2. :-) Love this intro! Especially the picture with drink in hand.... I sooooo get the whole 3 going on 13 thing, my 3 year old girl has a teenage attitude! Ugh!

  3. Thanks ladies! Thought i'd better make it a bit more personal with a few pics of me and the family! xxxx