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Thursday, 27 January 2011


**WARNING, this contains grumpiness** **WARNING, this contains grumpiness**

Reasons why I am 'tetchy' today:

1. We are moving house 1 week today.  You know that feeling when you start clearing out your wardrobe, everything is on the floor in a mountain and you think 'why did I start this'.....this is where we're at.

2. DD has cried every day this week when I've COLLECTED her from nursery.  Apart from making it look like she's very unhappy to come home with me, dealing with tears and trying to listen to and console her in a small, over heated corridor with children and adults bumping into you whilst wearing a winter coat and holding an exceedingly heavy baby (or sitting him on the floor only for him to fall over and bump his head) is very hot sweaty work.

3. I'm tired.  Late nights from Husband being out Tuesday (I therefore couldn't get to sleep) and a late night 'discussion' last night has made me tired.  I'm not good at all tired.  Not a skill to have lacking in parenthood.

4.Yesterday I admit to yelling 'just leave me alone for 5 minutes' and locking myself in the downstairs toilet - this was to my DD. *fail*.

5. It's not fair that Husband gets to go away on trips (albeit work but I know how much fun these are too).  I don't want to work full time (nor even part time - I'm currently on maternity leave) but having had quite a good job pre-babies I know how much fun it is and what I'm missing out on.  I now have an inbuilt switch which means I couldn't go away and leave my children for a week if it was offered to me on a plate (Husband will have notched up 3 week long trips within a year).  Also the things that Husband does are with work so for free, if I was to do 'tit for tat' it involves money and therefore means a family discussion and further guilt on my part as this money could be spent on things for us all.  Humph. There is no answer to this I know.

On a lighter note, I am wearing my beautiful new navy blue flowery tights from M&S (have a look online, no sponsorship - just spreading the love), a woollen grey dress and clip in my hair with a button on.  I am therefore dressed like a petulant child.


  1. Oooh it's good to have a bit of a rant from time to time - the great thing about having a blog! I'm a bit tired and crabby at the moment and got lots in my head so it's stopping me sleeping.

    Good luck with the house move next week x

    p.s. I bet that outfit looks as fab as it sounds :)

  2. I feel your pain, am in a similar mood at the moment, I've read your latest post and so I hope you are feeling better now you have moved - congratulations on the move! spring is on the way (so I keep telling myself)