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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

7 things about me!

Mummy from the Heart  has included me in a link to disclose 7 things you don't know about me. Well I haven't been in the 'blog' world for long so it won't be too hard but I'll try and think of some interesting things!!

1.  I still have a 'dodey' - this is my comfort which started as a piece of ribboned cellular blanket as a baby but now takes the form of a hanky.  I keep it under my pillow and use when falling asleep, relaxing on the sofa, in a long car journey and it has been known to be secreted up my jumper sleeve on many a long flight.  A good hanky is one with tougher reinforced corners, often the older the better.  Even at the age of 34 my Dad still asks me if I've been rummaging in his hanky drawer and sometimes on my visits home I admit to having a little look at his collection if my few at home have got too threadbare!* My husband no longer bats an eyelid when I ask him to 'pop upstairs and grab my hanky' or wakes in the middle of the night to see me on all fours searching for it under the bedclothes.

*I'll often have a look at the hankies in department stores and Husband will ask hopefully if they're they any good and I'll sadly say no and turn away, they just don't seem to make them like they used to!

2. I had 4 fertility treatments called IUI in order to conceive my DD, I had more treatment 2 years later and after the 4th attempt I conceived but I lost the baby to an ectopic pregnancy and also had to have a tube removed.  3 months after my operation I conceived my BB completely naturally.

3. I live about 50 miles from my parents and two sisters who both have children, I have a lovely mother in law but miss having 'my family' close enough to babysit or pop over for a coffee and really envy people who have that.

4. My husband and I met on a holiday in Faliraki.  We met on the first night buying beer in the supermarket, got together (ahem) on the second night and haven't looked back since!

5. I love singing and will do Karaoke sober but am not very good (though once got 'Sing Star' rating singing Cindy Lauper 'Time after Time' and think my Alannah Miles 'Black Velvet' impression is almost acceptable!).  I will sing along to anything and have a really wide taste in music (why limit yourself when there is so much great music out there?!?!) from Meat Loaf to Rhianna, give me a hair brush and I'm there on stage at Wembley.

6. I'm a bit of a Francophile (is that right for someone who loves all things French?!?!), a small example is that I often lapse into a bit of Francais (see!) like Delboy from Only Fools and Horses and am obsessed with Breton stripe clothing, so much so my Husband actually made up a song about my love of Breton the other day to the tune of a well known Queen song which included the line 'oh Jojomamanbebe I love all the things you do'.  My family are also part of the weirdness - one of my sisters and Dad actually refer to each other as 'Papa' and 'Nicole' for no reason whatsoever.  And, yes we are going to France for our hols this year - we'll be the ones with a string of onions round our necks.

7. I love food. I think about food a lot and like to plan what my next meal will be.  I wish for my figure that I was one of those people who can just look at food as fuel but in truth I think life is too short to not enjoy all the wonderful delights out there.  I once thought of writing a blog purely on what food I'd eaten daily but not sure this would be interesting for anyone to look at (on second thoughts I've just looked at all the above!!).

I've got to now invite some more bloggers to join in but everyone I looked at had already done this so sorry I'm late to the game.  If you are reading this please just tag yourself below in my comments and join in and I'll deffo come and read!



  1. I did one of these posts!

    I love your facts! I live 200 miles away from my mum, and my in laws live in France, so I know how you feel about not having family around x

  2. Thanks Hanzor! Off to read yours now! x

  3. I got tagged by Michelle too. I love the 'ahem' in the middle of your post :) Great list! Lovely to get to know you a bit better.

  4. Hello
    It's Nikki from Nikki's Scribbles!
    I must admit I have 'dodey' too! It's a teddy bear called Rufus I have had him since I was 2 years old and I'm 25 now lol!

    I will be following your rambles hunnie! xx

    I'm off to do my list now too! Do remember to come back and check it out!

  5. A marvellous list. I love the admission of the dodey, is that cos I was brave enough to say about my thumb sucking! My hubbie does not bat an eyelid either!

    I also adore Karaoke and will happily sing sober.

    Thanks for playing along, Mich x

  6. Ha Ha Mich - yes you gave me the courage!! Let's stand up and be counted as 'comfort' users!! ;-) x