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Monday, 24 January 2011

Listography - Things I Wish I Could Do

I'm joining in with Katetakes5 listography this week for the first time - 5 Things I wish I could do.  I'm never content so this one's right up my street!

1. Speak French fluently (see previous blog for my Frenchiness), I did it for GCSE and got a respectable B and then did a conversational french course as an adult and can get by but would love to be able to do it all right with the verbs, masculine/feminine tenses and words correctly.....  I'll admit something....nearly 4 years ago I registered and baptised my DD's middle name as Beau, I thought this meant beautiful in French but it is masculine and means handsome......oops.

2. Have enough time, energy and determination to see all my friends regularly. I have a wonderful lot of friends I've met through school, college and work and through all of our busy lifestyles there is always someone I keep thinking 'I must see or catch up with them'.  Apart from strictly diarising all of these 'meet ups' and making sure that me and all of my friends are healthy, rich enough not to work, have endless time enough to travel and magical nannies appear to take care of children or a butler to do all the chores left I don't know how to make it happen.

3. Be a radio DJ.  I think that if I had my time again (I sound like a 70 year old) I would definitely have pursued a job in radio.  All that music and mindless chit chat would have been a perfect job for me.  If Edith Bowman can do it then surely I could? (I'm too late for the annoying celebrity list but be assured she would have been on mine - say your T's properly woman!!).

4. Have a long, adventurous holiday each year guaranteed.  I have so far been exceedingly lucky with my travel, working on international events meant I went to some fantastic places all around the world and as Husband loves to travel too we've been to some great places.  BUT there is still so much to see, if we were to go on a long far flung holiday every year for the rest of our lives (and that's not possible to start at the mo with the chidlers, I don't think they'd appreciate the Taj Mahal just yet) I still don't think we'd get to see everything I want to.

5. Re-train as a beauty therapist (I've completed and passed the anatomy part), florist, psychologist and midwife (also see point 3 above) sorry if this is cheating but I would love to be all of these things but have run out of points and potentially lives. I kind of stumbled into event management after my a-levels and never really knew what I wanted to be when I was 'grown up'.  Now I know but it's too many things and I'm pretty certain I'll be unable to do it all.  Oh and I want to own a Bakers/Florist/Coffee Shop/Greeting card shop one day....Please.


  1. Great list. I'm with you on 2 and 4 - they should be on my list.

    Oh and I can't be doing with Edith Bowman!

  2. Oh definitely number 2 - I can't actually believe any of my friends still remember I'm alive...I'll get back out there one of these days though! Great to have you onboard. x

  3. Great list! Beau was my second favourite name for my son when I was pregnant. Until, no word of a lie, my husband reminded me that my son's surname would be Locke. On reflection I agreed that being named after a testicle would not be a good start in life.

  4. Thanks everyone. Kerry - you made me laugh out loud and I've already repeated that story twice, that is one of the funniest things I've heard for ages!! x

  5. Number 2 should be on my list too, I'm so rubbish at motivating myself to see my friends. My bet friend moved to London last year, and had twins shortly after, and I haven't even met them yet as I can't seem to bring myself/get my arse in gear enough to go and see her. Terrible, eh?

  6. Definitely know what you mean about number 2.
    QWERTY Mum xx

  7. What a great list! Oooh to be a Beauty Therapist, now that is a job I would like to do!


  8. I like number 3! With you on the Edith B thing. Really enjoyed reading that x

  9. The world is short of midwife DJs, and I can't think of a cooler calling than that!