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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

It's been a good day.

It's quite scary this blogging lark, for example I must have changed my profile picture about 20 times last night as didn't know if it should be me (no good recent ones), me and my children (there aren't many to choose from where I look ok and am with both my children) or me and husband (well the blog is about being a mummy so that didn't seem right) or me and my family (that just looked a bit smug) or something really random like the view of the Sydney Opera House from the ferry (people might think I live in Oz).  Anyway I just spent another 10 minutes looking for a good one and just kept the old one.

I think I also might be getting into this a bit late in the day, I already found some ladies today who have quit blogging in order to get a real rather than virtual life but I have never been a leader of the cutting edge fashion pack so I will continue onwards.  Anyway I admit to getting moments of tedium from this being at home lark (gasp!) which I wish I could use to whip up a victoria sponge but don't seem to be able to.

Went to see my bezzie today (young hip talk for life long best friend) who is in the same position child wise as me and we had a great old time talking the day away and trying to eat healthily in honour of the month of restriction we are in (ham rolls, mini packet of choc buttons each I took for us and the girls and weight watchers biscuits).  The girls played and the boys slept, ate and rolled around.

On the drive there I had a conversation with Gorgeous Girl (GG - 3 years) about the clouds and who lives on them apart from giants (her), and I said Angels............. and then ran out of ideas so it was a great start but a short exchange but we both had our sunglasses on (at her insistence of the rare sunny day) and we soon started another lovely exchange about why it was a lady called Beyonce singing 'gotta put a ring on it' on the radio and not the 'monkchips' - GG's way of saying Chipmunks (e.g. Alvin and pals).  So a great sunny, pleasant, sing song journey.

Anyway cue the dramatically different drive home, I didn't want the afternoon to end and so pushed my luck and left later than I should have (a usual habit in my life, I tend to leave the house for a destination at the time I was supposed to be there - just a malfunction in my brain which annoys my husband no end).  Cue therefore horrible drizzly rain, a freezing cold dark late afternoon, busy M25 and M1, hurtling lorries, a crying Beautiful Boy (BB - 8 months) who drops 2 dummies and GG who was starting to feel unwell earlier in the day was deteriorating rapidly and wouldn't talk above a whisper but was determined to tell me something.  This involved me repeating 'pardon', 'pardon', ' say it louder I can't hear you' for about 4 junctions until I finally got it.  She needed a poo and in her words the biggest poo in the world.

Anyway we got home safely albeit with my shoulders tensed up to my ears, BB asleep and GG swiftly changed into her PJ's and taken warm lemon and a marmite sandwich in bed.  She felt much, much better once I mentioned she might not be well enough for nursery in the morning (tomorrow is the first day as MORNING nursery attendees - hopefully we'll make it dressed with clean teeth).

Tonight dinner is safely eaten and I am hoping that the final of the Lynda Le Plante prog tonight is undisturbed by another cat/mouse massacre in the kitchen which involved me clearing up my own murder scene and antibacing the skirting boards at 10 pm last night (all the squealing from cats, mouse and husband occurred just as a really scary bit was happening so it was extra freaky).

So - all in all think I only said 'Shhhhh!' a few times today so it's been a good day.


  1. hello. found you. welcome to blogging.
    lovely post. keep at it, you obviously enjoy it.
    I prediction and addiction - soon.

  2. Hello found you via BMB. Just remember there are no rules to blogging, this is your little bit of the web and you can do what you like with it.

    Come and join in with my link up tomorrow and get yourself a few new followers and pageviews. Carnivals and link ups/ blog hops are a great way of getting out there and meeting people.

    Happy Blogging, Mich x

  3. You sound soo like me. With your ramblings, I call mine 'mind rambles' and leaving/arriving later than intended.
    Those car conversations with GG sound just like mine with my little girl too!!
    You are a natural at this blogging. I have just started and am stumbling a bit, but you don't appear to be, to me :)
    Great Blog!