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Friday, 21 January 2011

Reasons to be cheerful - part 3

Wowser, week 3 in my blogging journey is here already! Here is part 3 of my reasons to be cheerful today:

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy with a Heart

1. We are going to 'exchange' today and therefore have a moving day set for 3rd Feb! Whoop Whoop Blimmin Whoop!!  I had a few hours of panic and a stress tummy ache last night (a childhood thing which I've never grown out of) as reality set in and I was thinking of everything to be done but Husband and I* joined together all our separate 100 'things to do before moving' lists (we love a list in this house) and compiled one lovely neat and comprehensive checklist**.

*read Husband did it and I chatted to my mum on the phone.
** this however did turn into a small row where I accused Husband of treating me like his secretary when he gave me a list of points to discuss with the removal man today. I was tired :-)

2. I have 2 cousins who are pregnant, once newly announced yesterday. It's so exciting to see our family growing.  Even though we live miles apart and see each other once in a blue moon, Facebook has made it possible to keep in touch with every stage and moment of joy.  What on earth did we do without this invention??? (reminds me I've got to watch that film The Social Network).

3. I'm going 'home' on Sunday to see my Mum and Dad.  I haven't seen them since Christmas Day and I know they miss seeing DD and BB (and hopefully me and Husband a little) and I can't wait, especially to show BB's commando speed crawling/wrestling with furniture skills.

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  1. Oh best of luck with the moving, I remember how stressful it was :) Jen

  2. I enjoyed reading this. Hope your move will go okay and not be as stressful as you think.

  3. Those are great reasons to be cheerful. Good luck with the house move!

    Herding Cats x

  4. A lovely list, thanks for joining in again.

    How exciting about the move. I love a good list as well!

    Enjoy your time with your parents.

    Mich x