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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Boy oh Boy.....

I've got a confession to make. Yesterday I googled 'games for an 8 month old baby'.  Yes I know. RUBBISH.

Anyway (one of the results inspired me) and I pulled Beautiful Boy out from underneath his pile of toys, sat him up and got a ball.  We rolled in back and forth a few times and he even placed the ball back in my hands responding to my "Ta, now give it back to Mummy" - yippee all was well and good until he quickly found it much more interesting to turn around and start whacking his ball on the laminate floor because the loud sound was brilliant and instantly provided a huuuge grin on his face.

Now - I know how to occupy a baby, with GG I did activities like a mummy possessed, we did underwater swimming, yoga, massage, rhyme time (which was great especially for me as I couldn't remember hardly any of the nursery rhymes from my childhood apart from Old MacDonald and she got bored of that early on) and play dates galore.

But I have done nothing with BB, not one little class or course and I can't help but feel guilty about the lack of stimulation and friends of his 'own'.  My main excuses are:
a) sheer exhaustion and the memory of getting a baby and myself in and out of the pool is still too fresh in my mind
b) nursery runs/timings don't fit with classes
c) but mostly because we've been waiting to move to a new village (hopefully in a few weeks now) and I'm waiting to immerse myself in life there and then BB will have all the new friends he could ask for (and maybe a few more for me!)

So mostly he just seems to roll about and commando crawl about the house banging toys on the floor, which admittedly he loves but I can't help thinking it's not constructive enough?

Watching BB try and pull his Little People Car Garage on top of himself for a wrestle, even Husband quietly suggested at the weekend that he thought BB might need more organised play.  Actually, this was uttered from his lips in barely above a whisper and he quickly left the room.  You would have imagined that he'd be worried that I'd blown up in response to his supposed criticising of my parenting skills but really. As if.

Before I had a boy I used to think that people spouting the 'difference' in boys and girls was just rubbish and an excuse for ignoring their little soldier rampaging around the soft play pushing and shoving and swiping at anything, but now I'm starting to wonder........

Anyway I decided to try again and got the wooden building blocks.  GG used to love playing with these and would sit quietly for ages creating amazing structures. Some were a bit freakily good and we took photos joking she would be an architect (one day, like a scene out of Poltergeist I opened the washing machine to find a perfectly balanced column of 4 wooden blocks, that was scary).

I sat BB down and as expected GG came over straight away and we started to build the towers out of the blocks, and what did he do? Knock them down.  For about 15 minutes straight he found it hilarious for us to build towers and as quickly as we could build he was knocking them down and laughing his nappy off.

It was great fun - and stimulating to a degree I think? So, I'm not going to worry too much, he's probably just going to be a WWF wrestler and work a bulldozer.

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  1. A post I really relate to! My little lad is a whirling dervish of mayhem... banging, kicking and throwing his way through the day! I think he might grow up to be a demolition man!