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Sunday, 6 February 2011

New Home....

We're in! All settled into our new home and I love it....let the villagey life commence.....

In honour of our new abode here are my top 4 tips on moving home:

1.  Ply the removal men with tea and coffee and a tin of cadbury biscuits (cleverly squirrelled away from Christmas) so that even though you have bombarded them with nonsense, girly wittering anxious phonecalls during the previous week they will still collect, transport and deposit your cherished belongings with care.

2.  Have the fizzy orange multivitamin tablets to hand in your 'emergency pack' so that by the end of a week of fast food (Pizza, McDonalds, Pizza again and then an Indian constituted my evening dining Weds - Fri last week) you can at least feel that you have had something healthy.

3.  When your cats arrive home from the Cat Hotel make sure they go out exploring together so that even though you have day dreamed of them 'going awol' you aren't jumping at the sound of the newly installed cat flap waiting for one of them to return and calling to Husband "is that him???" every 5 minutes (this is what my mum must have felt like waiting for me to come home from the pub back in the day).

4.  Fight the urge to drive past your old home to see how New Owner is doing and knock on the door to say "How do you like it?  Have you changed anything yet? Didn't my Mum and I clean it so well for you?  This is where we brought our babies home from the hospital to and I laboured in that bath.  This is where Husband's Dad helped us board the loft and he's not here anymore so won't know our new house.  Please don't rip down the beautiful rose printed Cath Kidston wallpaper from GG's bedroom without a second thought.  Finally please take care of our house and love it like we did (except the noisy gangs outside in the summer either snogging or fighting almost on our front garden, the fact that our pizza delivery man got attacked down the road on his way to us one day and the not so good school catchment area)*".

* I wouldn't say this bit as he doesn't have children yet anyway to worry about catchment areas.


  1. I spent more time worrying about if the new people would think the house was clean enough before we left than I should have. Then we arrived to sparkling house. A revelation compared to our last move, which ended up in us arriving into the last occupants muck.


  2. I still have problems with number 4 and we moved 12 years ago, oh how I wish we could buy our first house again :-) so glad someone else still has a dodey , i have a babba and it smell so homely :-)