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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Tears, Tantrums and Half Term.

I've had blog block lately and I've found it hard to find inspiration.  Think I've just been settling into the house but also had a lot of emotional, rubbish, relationship (not of the husband variety thank goodness - he and me are all good) blurgh to deal with.  In short, arranging to Baptise our BB and choosing Godparents = upset (to put it mildly) within Husband's family.  I've therefore been a bit (!) grumpy and intolerant of anyone who seems to be being rude to me.

GG is unwell which has been a rubbish start to halfterm, she has a huge mouth ulcer which she's never had before and means she is eating even more like a sparrow and in addition to a normal sniffle I think maybe the stress of moving and trying to go without night time pullups (a short lived venture last week) might have had it's toll.   BB is teething again and so once everyone was seated breakfast began today with a pre-meal cocktail of Calpol for all (I would have had a G&T but it was a bit early so put up with a lick of the spoons).

I've been fantasising about lounging around in pj'd bliss this week but everyday so far GG wants to get up and go and the crack of dawn (regardless of being unwell), begging me to get her dressed and asking what we're doing today and being the grumpiest troll on earth when it's not exactly what she wants to do.  I can't wait to remind her of this in about 10 years time when I'll be dragging her out of her pit on a Saturday (or just hoovering her room to wake her up just like my mum did to us!). I'm exhausted already and shouting far too much.

I've not managed to go to any groups in the village yet as they've coincided with visits from my friends and I'm a bit nervous but aiming to go for it next week - BB is in desperate need of an alternative role model to a dress and princess obsessed, grumpy, flame haired girl.  The trouble is he loves her so much already and crawls around after her even kissing her feet (I kid you not!) when standing up at her on the sofa.

We're going to attempt the farm this afternoon, even though they're both a bit under the weather being amongst other people might make me and GG a bit less inclined to strop and I'm also going to try and have a hair cut tomorrow (whit whoo - steady on I hear you cry!).

Oh I nearly forgot! I am now officially unemployed as I handed in my notice (I was on maternity leave).  It feels weird but a huuuge weight of my shoulders as I was dreading doing it but knew the time would come once we'd moved house.  Husband has been brill and not outwardly panicking at the responsibility of solely financing the family.  So I am now officially a Stay At Home Mummy..........GULP.

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